Reduce sickness absence.

Improve productivity.
A happier workforce.

Movement Snacks
The most effective way to negate the effects of deskbound (or home bound at the moment!), is through regular, frequent 1 to 5 minute movement snacks. This empowers your team and gives them the knowledge to self-help by teaching go to routines with the biggest bang for your buck.

Movement Snack Library
An online library of routines so staff can access them whenever they wish.

Activities and Challenges
Balance, coordination, physical and mobility challenges to enhance team engagement.

Remote Lunch & Learn Lectures
Talks on any subject with interactive question and answer sessions following the lecture. Another way to deliver information is through quick 2 minute informative videos. These can be consumed quickly, at any time.

Remote Mobility Classes
Home office guided stretching and mobility classes to free up tight joints, increase mobility and leave staff feeling invigorated and refreshed. These can be delivered via my remote coaching app or through your own software.

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